Honda EU70is

  • $170.00 Daily Rate
  • $560.00 Weekly Rate


The EU70IS Honda Generator is a powerful and reliable source of portable power. With a maximum output of 7kVA, it can easily handle most residential and commercial power needs. Its advanced inverter technology produces clean and stable power, making it safe for use with sensitive electronic devices. The generator is also fuel-efficient, running up to 18 hours on a single tank of fuel. Its compact design and low noise levels make it ideal for outdoor events and construction sites. Renting the EU70IS from Makana Hire ensures you have a dependable and efficient power source for your project.

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*Equipment make, model and specs vary based on availability.

Engine 4 Stroke
Watts 7000
Running Time Upto 18 Hours
Weight 118kg
Length 848mm
Width 700mm
Height 721mm


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