4T Double Roller Smooth

  • $490.00 Daily Rate
  • $1,490.00 Weekly Rate


The 4T Double Roller is a compact and versatile compactor that is perfect for small to medium-sized construction projects. With a powerful compaction force, it is ideal for compacting soil, gravel, asphalt, and other materials. This roller is also suitable for use on slopes, uneven terrain, and in tight spaces. Its double drum design provides excellent stability and traction, ensuring consistent compaction results.

Applications for the 4T Double Roller include road and pavement construction, landscaping, foundation and footing work, and general construction.

Hiring a 4T Double Roller provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for your compaction needs. It saves time and labor costs while ensuring that your project is completed to a high standard. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive expert advice on the best compaction equipment for your job.

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*Equipment make, model and specs vary based on availability.



Operating Weight 4000 KG
Length 2725mm
Width 1450mm
Height 2750mm
Power 33 KW



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