1.5T Trench Roller

  • $290.00 Daily Rate
  • $1,190.00 Weekly Rate


The Wacker Neuson trench roller is a smart and durable machine ready to tackle your next project. Its dual joystick control box allows for easy steering, while its 16 channel transmission ensures multiple rollers can be operated simultaneously without any interference.

For added safety, the smart remote-control system utilizes an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The roller has front and rear sensing eyes, and if the operator comes within one meter of them with the control box, the unit will stop moving and vibrating.

Ideal for pipeline construction, backfilling retaining walls, confined work spaces, and roadworks, trench compactors are a great addition to any construction site. If you’re unsure if this is the right roller for your project, our team can assist you in selecting the perfect model for your needs.

Need help picking the right equipment for your job? Makana’s team is ready to assist. Simply contact us by clicking on this number 1300 669 932


*Equipment make, model and specs vary based on availability.

Operating Weight 1495 KG
Width 820mm
Power 20 HP



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