5T Padfoot Roller

  • $490.00 Daily Rate
  • $1,490.00 Weekly Rate


The 5T Padfoot Roller is a powerful and versatile compactor suitable for medium compaction in civil road works, parking areas, and industrial and detailed earthworks. This sheep’s foot roller is designed to compact silt and clay-based soils using weight, vibration, and shearing motions. It can be used for various applications, including preparing subgrade soils, constructing new roads, and backfilling trenches. Its textured bumps enable the roller to move over the surface without lifting mud or clay, achieving uniform compaction. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right roller. Model and specifications may vary.

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*Equipment make, model and specs vary based on availability.

Operating Weight 4900 KG
Length 4000mm
Width 1495mm
Height 2540mm
Power 55 KW


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